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Well ima disaster, a microphone master

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Welcome to the community!
Moderator: stereo

You can go ahead and post as long as you keep it somewhat clean lol.

Just keep these things in mind:

♪ No swearing at other members
♪ Dont argue
♪ If you dont have permission from people to use their pictures, then please dont steal them!
♪ Dont steal from the community either.
♪ Have fun!

Please make sure that when you are posting pictures you put them under a livejournal cut.

It can be a cut with text which is done with this code:

<lj-cut text="put title of cut here"> inster pictures and stuff here etc etc </lj-cut>

Or, just a standard cut with this code:
<lj-cut> stuff and pics here </lj-cut>

For icon posting, you are allowed to show 1-2 teaser icons if you wish, but please put the rest under a cut like the ones above so the community isnt slowed down.